How to Take Sexy Selfies

Want to take sexier pics for that special someone? Or learn how to snap flirtatious photos that make guys want to swipe right? You can by using these six selfie tips!

You might be thinking “but, I feel so awkward in front of the camera.” That’s okay! Most people do. You can still master the art of taking seductive selfies with your phone.

Learning how to pose in front of the camera to show off your natural allure isn’t just possible. It’s empowering! I’ve seen how it can help you appreciate your body’s unique beauty. The confidence a sexy photoshoot leaves women and men with is why I love being a boudoir photographer. Of course, I hope you’ll schedule a photoshoot with me. But you don’t have to wait to learn a few boudoir photography tips that will up your selfie game.

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Your body is a work of art. I want you to feel your best in front of the camera showing it off! And, hopefully, fall in love with yourself in the process! That’s why I’m giving away some of my best boudoir photography tips and tricks in this sexy selfie guide.

Use these tips to make that special someone go wild! Or stop your Instagram followers mid-swipe to appreciate your curves!

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