Behind the Camera

Boudoir is about you, but it helps to know who is behind the camera.

I’m Mike a boudoir photographer in Chicago. I focus on creating gorgeous, empowering portraits for people of all shapes, ages, and sizes. I have been shooting boudoir and pin-up style photography for several years. My clients have been moms and career women, brides and divorcees, curvy women and slender women. What I love about my job is helping others fall in love with themselves.

Having a male boudoir photographer behind the camera is different. I think it helps to know how I got started shooting boudoir and why you can trust me to make your boudoir experience amazing.

How I got started

When I was new to photography, I shot everything. Travel images, engagement photos, senior pictures, you name it. When I was asked to do a boudoir shoot for the first time, I’ll admit, I was nervous. I felt like boudoir wasn’t really ‘for me’ since most boudoir photographers are women. But, I agreed to do that photo shoot anyway and I’m glad I did.

My First Boudoir Client

My client was a mom in her mid-40s. Her 15th wedding anniversary was approaching. She planned to give her boudoir photos to her husband as an anniversary gift. On the day of the shoot, she brought along her sister for moral support.

I paused, after walking her through the first few poses, to show her the back of the camera. Happy tears immediately started streaming down her face as she looked at the pictures. She told me she hadn’t felt this beautiful and sexy in a very long time. She said that it felt amazing to see herself as more than just a mom.

I knew at that moment that I wanted to focus on boudoir. I’ve been a boudoir photographer ever since. Seeing my art bring that kind of joy is amazingly rewarding. I’m grateful that I can use my photography to help people fall in love with their bodies and feel as beautiful as they are.

Can I Trust a Male Boudoir Photographer?

Some women are unsure about working with a male photographer, while others might prefer them. There are a few benefits in working with a male photographer you might want to consider. Here is an article I wrote about some of those benefits.

It’s extremely important to feel safe and comfortable when you’re taking intimate photos. I will provide a safe, body positive, professional atmosphere for us to work in. I’ve worked with hundreds of women and I’m very happy to share references in addition to all the client testimonials you see here.

“The shoot was so much fun! Mike was very professional and made me comfortable the entire time. I would totally do it again.” - Cindy

Of course you’re welcome to bring along a friend or family member if it makes you feel more comfortable as well. If you want the best boudoir experience in Chicago, I’m your guy.

Yari's Boudoir Experience

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