A trading platform is a computer software program that offers traders, business persons and investors to open, close and handle market positions. Through trading platform, investors and traders can place trades and observe accounts. It allows users to place orders for financial products over a network of financial intermediary. Binary option trading system offers trading platforms either free of cost or at a discount in return for keeping a funded account and placing a designated number of trades for a specific time, usually per month. Usually trading platforms are instilled with market probe software through which investors can work on stock screens and chart the current position of the market.

The trade fusion trading platform is a web based binary option trading software. It runs using a dynamic web language, Java. This type of trading platform stand out in being accessible by almost any computer with internet access.

Using trade fusion trading platform, online trading can be carried out by any user from any location.

Trade fusion trading platform is free of cost to sign up and offers a 90 days free trial.

It is easy, simple and understandable for the new users so they can navigate without hesitation despite having no prior knowledge.

This platform offers information such as charts, quotes and stock screens.

It also provides account management functions, charting packages and user news feed.

Trade fusion trading platform includes a user friendly and convenient interface for executing trade orders.

The trade fusion platform can be set to full auto pilot mode to trade the appropriate entities according to the successful market strategies, all by itself. You can read more about it here.

This trading platform also provides manual mode by pressing the “sync” button. In the manual mode, it initiates signals and deliver them to a trader. The user have to make trading decision on the basis of trading signals.

It offers real time updates of the current events to the traders and investors.

The users can access all types of trade orders that are available.

The past data is also made available to the traders and investors in trade fusion trading platform.

The users can trade on live market prices which are broadcasted continuously by this trading platform.

The trade fusion trading platform can carry out a tedious and repetitive task at the fastest speed and pin point accuracy.



With a high success rate and being a single click automated trading platform, the Trade Fusion trading platform is suitable for beginners as well as advanced investors and traders. In the binary options trading, when it comes to maximizing profit while minimizing risks, this automated binary trading platform can identify profitable opportunities on the market for its users. To sum it up, this platform can increase the time for looking over the important market strategies and data while reducing the risk of human errors. It also offers an attractive platform layout with the option of quick switching between assets