Shomari and her husband were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and she wanted to give him the perfect gift, an album full of pictures from her first boudoir session!

We met a few days before the shoot for her consultation and one of the questions I asked Shomari was “What does sexy mean to you?” Her answer really inspired me. “Being comfortable with your own skin,” she said. “Being confident and strong.”

A few days later we met for her shoot. Everyone starts off a little nervous, but by the time I talked her through the third pose she was absolutely owning every movement! Her sister and friend joined her for moral support, cheering her on as well. It was really fun to we with her on her journey, and the results are amazing!

After the shoot, and the big reveal where she gifted her album to her husband, I asked her how it went. I was so happy when I heard back from her.

“The big reveal was a HUGE success! He absolutely loved it! He said it was the best gift he’s ever received. I can’t thank you enough for helping me do this.”

Boudoir photographers are a lucky bunch, they have the privilege of making art that makes people feel amazing. There’s nothing better.

A few days later, Shomari left us a wonderful review.

“Mike is wonderful to work with. He knows how to calm your nerves and what poses will add flattery to your body. I loved my Boudoir shoot, and my husband loved absolutely EVERY picture.”

Better yet, she allowed me to share her story and a few of her photos here so others could read about her journey. Are you ready for your own journey? What does sexy mean to you?