Binary Options Robot Bonus Code

Binary Option Robot

The bonuses are one of the most eye-catching and attracting feature of the binary options robots trading. The traders must always look out for the brokers that can provide them higher bonuses with every deposit they make. There are main two types of bonuses that the broker firms provide to the depositors. These are the First Time bonus Codes and Bonuses upon Additional deposits.

First Time bonus Codes

While starting a trade with binary options robots you have to make up an online account from where you can carry out the transactions. These accounts require a first-time deposit on which certain bonuses are provided. A first-time binary options robot bonus code is provided to the depositors. These are used by the depositors to carry on a bonus trade using the bonus codes. The binary options robots are very helpful in carrying out the automated trades using the bonus codes. These bonus codes are provided only applicable for the first time deposit.

These bonuses are used to carry out trade in the binary markets. The bigger your deposit is, chances are that you might get a bigger bonus. Using a number of bonuses and the deposited amount, the investors are able to trade binary options in the markets. With a high investment amount, the investors have a better chance of earning profits than facing losses. To know more about the binary options robots bonus codes you may read from here.

For instance, if you are a new trader and have deposited $1000 in your account for the first time then a bonus of 25% i.e. $250 is provided to you. Now the total balance of your account will show $1250. Using this amount you can carry out the binary trade.

Bonuses upon Additional deposits

Some binary options robot brokers offer a bonus at each additional deposit after reaching a certain limit. A fixed limit is set by fro the depositors and after reaching that limit every depositor is offered a bonus at a fixed percentage. It might sometimes happen that the brokers who offer such kinds of bonuses might be a scam. Nine out of ten bonus offering binary options robots bonus codes are not a scam, there are many factors, which should be observed while depositing your amount. You can read more about it from here. If your account has reached a certain limit and then you deposit an additional amount in your account than a bonus is provided to you.

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For instance, your online account has reached a stipulated limit of $2000. Now on an additional deposit to your account, you are awarded a fixed bonus of 5% on the deposited amount. The additional amount deposited by you is $250. On this amount, you will be awarded a bonus of $12.5 and the total of your account balance will show $2262.5. You may now use this amount to carry on further trade. These bonuses are very helpful in developing your interest in binary options trading.